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An acronym for ampere.

A V-8

A Ford model A retrofit with a late model V-8 engine.


A triangle-shaped suspension control-arm device, with two points connected to the chassis and one to the wheel spindle. Control arms are sometimes called A-arms because from the top view, they are shaped like the letter A; also referred to as A-Frame.


Pattern used for grinding pistons in an oval- or cam-shape with 0.005 inch (0.127mm) difference between the thrust face and the pinhole side.


A term often used for A-Arm.


The structural support on either side of the windshield, just ahead of the front doors.


A term often use for a-Pillar.


A valve spring-adjuster insert with a thickness of 0.060 inch (1.524mm) used to balance spring pressure and to correct installed height.

A-to-D Converter

A digital electronic component that converts an electrical signal into discrete binary values.


A combination of two or more trailers in which the dolly (converter or turntable), is connected by a single pintle hook or coupler, and the drawbar connection is at the center, between each vehicle.


Automotive overdrive transmission.


Air conditioning.

A/C Coupling

An oscilloscope setting that places a filter in the circuit, so that the scope ignores the DC and displays only the AC signal.

A/C Current

Current that flows in one direction in the circuit then reverses its direction of flow.

A/C Sine Wave

The waveform defined by an A/C electrical signal.

A/C Voltage

Voltage that builds to its maximum flow in one direction, drops to its minimum, then builds to its maximum in the opposite dircetion in a analog fashion.


Air conditioning clutch cycling pressure switch.


Air conditioning control module.


Air cleaner duct and valve.


Air conditioning-idle speed up solenoid.


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