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Carbon An element with the atomic number of 6


The pattern used to grind pistons in an oval or cam shape, with a 0.009 inch (0.23 mm) difference between the thrust face and pinhole side.


1. A term often used to describe an outside snap ring. 2. A C-shaped clip used to retain the drive axles in some rear-axle assemblies. 3. A clip used to secure a pin in linkage, such as for carburet ion.


One of the steps involved in substantially lowering the back end of a vehicle. A C-notch kit typically is used with a flip kit. The flip kit actually moves the vehicle’s axle housing from its normal position below the leaf springs to a new location above them. This will seriously reduce suspension travel, unless the frame is notched to provide additional clearance. And that’s where the C-notch kit comes in. It gets bolted to the frame to reinforce the location that has been cut.


The structural support just behind the rear door that supports the greenhouse.


A pillar that supports the roof of a vehicle. The C-pillars on a car reside on either side of the rear windshield. Longer vehicles, such as vans and SUVs, can have C-pillars on the side, with additional pillars (e.g., D-pillars) even further rearward.


A term often used for c-pillar.


A combination of two or more trailers in which the dolly is connected to the first trailer by means of two pintle hooks or coupler-drawbar connections, resulting in only one pivot point.


Closed loop


Computer command control or Cruiseomatic Type-3


A computer-controlled, coil-ignition system that uses a computer to monitor, maintain, and adjust ignition timing.


Computer controlled coil ignition


Computer controlled catalytic converter or Cruiseomatic Type-4


Cruiseomatic Type-6


Crank angle; also Ca, Calcium An element with the atomic number of 20


An acronym for the Federal Clean Air Act (last amended in 1990


An acronym for Clean Air Act Amendments.


1. The driver/passenger compartment of a truck or off-road vehicle. 2. Short for taxicab. 3. Acronym for Controller, Antilock Brakes (Chrysler)

Cab Behind Engine (CBE)

A type of truck with the cab behind the engine.

Cab Extender


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