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F-bodyThe General Motors platform designation for a Chevrolet Camaro or Pontiac Firebird.


An engine design having the intake valves in the head and the exhaust valves in the block.

F-Head Engine

An engine with some of its valves in the head and some in the cylinder block, giving an F-shaped appearance.


Field housing.


Fuse block or fuse box.

Fab Shop

A shop that makes or fabricates parts.

Fabric Cord

A cord-like material used for strength and reinforcement in belts and tires.

Fabric Protectant

A product designed to waterproof and stainproof a fabric, such as cloth seats and cloth trim on door panels. Most fabric protectants can be sprayed on, but some combination cleaner/protectants are available in liquid form.

Face Angle

The angle of the valve face.

Face Feed

The application of a filler metal to a joint during brazing and soldering.

Face Plate

The part of a head unit that is visible in the dash. Some head units feature a removable face plate to make them unattractive to thieves, while others feature a face plate that rotates to a closed position when it's not in use.

Face Shield

A clear-plastic shield that protects the entire face from outside elements.

Facing Surface

The mating surface of a member that is in contact or in close proximity with another member to which it is to be joined.


The mathematical evaluation used by NHRA to estimate true horsepower and weight, and assign production cars to specific stock classes.


Adj. A synonym for stock, meaning that a part--or the entire vehicle--is exactly the same as it came from the factory.

Factory Experimental

A type of drag-racing car developed by Dodge/Plymouth and Ford/Mercury in the 1960s using their largest engines in light vehicles, a forerunner of the pro-stock class.

Factory Recall

A vehicle manufacturer's effort to correct a defect discovered after the vehicle has been delivered to the customer, often several years later.

Factory Specs

Factory specifications; the manufacturer's dimensions, clearances, and tolerances.

Factory Team

A racing team sponsored and supported by a vehicle manufacturer.

Factory Tool

A tool designed by a vehicle manufacturer for a specific application.


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