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The force that is exerted on a vehicle during acceleration, deceleration, or corning, expressed in units of gravity (g's).

G.I. Spacer

A device used to space out a piston ring in a piston groove that has been intentionally machined oversize because of wear.


Gear reduction.


Gallium An element with the atomic number of 31.


1. A less popular way of spelling gauge. 2. An element used to contain and space the rollers in a one-way roller clutch.


Any increase in the current, voltage or power level of a signal. 2. The ratio of output to input signal level of an amplifier.

Gain Accuracy

An indication of how accurately the vertical system attenuates or amplifies a signal, usually represented as a percentage error.


A passageway inside a wall or casing, such as for oil circulation.


1. The friction-induced roughness of two metal surfaces in direct sliding contact. 2. The welding up and tearing sown of metals due to extreme high temperature and/or inadequate lubrication.

Galloping Hinge

A connecting rod.

Galvanic Action

The action of electropositive and electronegative metals due to the wasting away of the positive metal. This is most noted when iron (Fe) and brass, copper (Cu), or copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn), are in contact in the presence of acid-diluted water.

Galvanic Battery

A D/C voltage source generated by the chemical action of an electrolyte.

Galvanic Reaction

An electrical reaction caused by heat and water passing through metal pipes or parts at high speeds.


An electro mechanical process of coating zinc (Zn) to ferrous metals to reduce or prevent rust.


An instrument used for measuring a small electrical current.


The space between two adjacent parts or surfaces.

Garage Box

The industry description for a tool box that is designed for use in a home garage or shop. As opposed to a truck box.

Garbage In, Garbage Out GIGO

A famous computer axiom meaning that if invalid data is entered into a system, the resulting output will also be invalid.


1. A state of matter 2.A vapor. 3. A short term for gasoline.


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