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A groove around the outer edge of a wheel rim to provide a lock for the tire bead.


Junction block.

Jack The Bear

A top-performing driver.

Jacketed Gasket

A gasket having metal grommets around bolt and water holes.


Modifying the suspension to raise or lower one corner of an oval-track race car in order to provide better handling characteristics.

Jackrabbit Start

The sudden acceleration from a standing start.


A shaft found in most overhead cam engines that is used to drive the distributor, fuel pump, and oil pump.

Jacob's Ladder

A triangular control linkage to center the rear axle assembly found on some rear-wheel-drive race cars.

Jacobs Brake

A device more commonly known as Jake brake.


1. A low-budget, dirt-track racing car rebuilt from an older vehicle. 2. An old automobile.

Jam Nut

A second nut tightened against a primary nut to prevent it from working loose; used on inner and outer tie-rod adjustment nuts and on may pinion-bearing adjustment nuts.


An acronym for Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association.

Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA)

An international trade association of Japanese car, truck, motorcycle, and bus manufacturers.

Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)

Japan's equivalent of the DIN in Germany or the SAE in the United States.

Jeep Trail

A road or trail suitable only for a 4WD vehicle.


Driving a 4WD vehicle, generally off the road.


An Automotive training company.


A calibrated passage in the carburetor used to meter fuel flow.

Jet Car

A race car powered by a jet aircraft engine for open course competition.

Jet Valve

An intake valve, located in a precombustion chamber, that admits a highly concentrated air/fuel mixture into a stratified charge engine.


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