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[1] Potassium An element with the atomic number of 19 [2] An acronym for "Kilo" a metric term for 1000.


A compact front-wheel drive vehicle introduced by Chrysler in the early 1980's.


A continuous fuel-injection system; a forerunner of the KE-Jetronic system.


An acronym for Keep-Alive Memory Random-access memory that is retained by keeping a voltage applied to the circuits when the engine is off.

Kandy Apple

A rich, red finish popular on custom cars.


A small, open, four-wheeled vehicle with a single cylinder, two- or four-cycle gasoline engine.

KD Set

An acronym for knocked down set.


A continuous electronic fuel-injection system by Bosh that has been modified using a lambda oxygen sensor.


A trade name for a thread-repair system using spiral inserts to repair damaged threads.

Keeper Grooves

The grooved area on a valve stem to accommodate the keepers.


Key-like, tapered-metal locking devices used to hold valve retainers in place on the valve stem.


A custom car or lead sled.

Key-off Loads

A term used for parasitic loads.


An input device used to key programs and data into the computer's storage.

Keyless Entry

A system using a coded keypad that allows the operator to unlock the doors or the trunk from outside the vehicle without the use of a key.

Keystone Ring

Compression piston ring, double tapered and shaped like a keystone.


A groove milled or machined onto a shaft or into a bore to accept a square, half moon, or a round piece of metal.


An acronym for the metric kilogram.

Kick Out Of Gear

To shift to neutral.


A downshift to the next lower gear in an automatic transmission when the driver applies full throttle, as in overtaking and passing another vehicle.


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