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1. An acronym for Low, one of the forward gear positions of a transmission. 2. Liter, a unit of metric liquid measure.


A term used for L-head engine.

L-head Engine

An engine with intake and exhaust valves in the block, parallel to the pistons and cylinders.


A Bosch pulsed, electronic, fuel-injection system that uses input on the volume of intake air to calculate fuel delivery.


Light duty.


In-line four cylinder.


Lanthanum An element with the atomic number of 57.

LA Kit

A reconditioned crankshaft that is supplied with the appropriate bearings and an installation kit.

Lab Scope

A device for viewing electrical signals as waveforms usually portable.


An identifying mark or trademark of a nationally recognized testing lab that is attached to signify that the item has been tested and meets appropriate standards.


Low vacuum air control valve.


Low vac air control valve and electric air control valve.


Low vac air control valve and low vac air control valve.


A method used to mend cracks in cylinder heads and blocks using threaded repair plugs side-by-side and overlapping each other.


A type of paint that dries by solvent evaporation that must be rubbed out to produce a gloss.

Ladder Bars

A device attached to the chassis or frame at one point and to the rear axle at two points on a drag-race car to reduce rear-axle windup.

Ladder Chassis

A conventional frame design that consists of two side rails, not necessarily parallel, connected to each other by a series of cross members like a ladder.

Ladder Frame

A term used for ladder chassis.


1. The incorrect operation of a shock absorber because of aeration due to the mixing of air with oils, causing the shock absorber to produce a poor ride. 2. To fail to keep up; to fall behind.

Lake Pipes

Straight exhaust pipes with no muffler.


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