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[1] Phosphorus An element with the atomic number of 15 [2] The designation for the park position of an automatic transmission.

P & G Check

The measurement of an engine's specifications, such as displacement, to determine the legality of competition using instruments provided by the P & G Management Company which allow such checks without the disassembly of the engine.


A field effect transistor so constructed that p-type semiconductor material is used for the channel through the device.

P-metric System

The most common system to specify passenger car tire sizes.

P-type Semiconductor Material (P)

A semiconductor material in which holes are the majority carriers and there is a deficiency of electrons.


Power brakes.


Printed circuit or police car.


Ported/canister valve.


Park neutral.


Power steering or power seat.


Power vent.


Power window.


[1] Pulse air; a type of air injection system [2] Protactinium An element with the atomic number of 91.

Pace Car

A vehicle used in closed-course racing, usually a convertible passenger car, to lead the field up to speed for a rolling start. Also used to lead the field when a caution flag is displayed.

Pace Lap

The last lap just before the start of a closed-course race, as the pace car leads the field up to speed.


A driver that runs at the constant or steady speed in oval-track racing.


A combination of optional equipment or accessories offered for a new car buyer usually discounted when compared to individual component pricing.

Package Tray

The shelf behind the rear seat in a sedan. Early trunk-mounted air conditioners used ducts through the package tray as the intake and outlets of the unit.


A brake lining and metal back riveted or molded together. Two pads provide stopping friction by rubbing against both sides of a rotor or inside drum when the brakes are applied.

Pad Hardware

Miscellaneous small parts such as antirattle clips and springs as well as support clips that hold brake pads in place and keep them from rattling.


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