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R & D

An abbreviation for research and development.

R & R

An abbreviation for remove and replace.


A trade term for refrigerant CFC-R12.


A trade term for refrigerant HFC-134a.


A trade term for refrigerant HCFC-22.


Radium An element with the atomic number of 88.


Rear antilock brake system. A two-wheel Kelsey-Hayes ABS used on the rear wheels of Ford light-duty pickup trucks.


Remote accessory control.


1. That element of a one-way roller clutch providing the cylindrical surface through which the rollers and cam transmit torque. 2. A grove, edge, or track on which a rolling or sliding part moves.

Race For The Pink

To race for actual ownership of the competitor's vehicle.


1. A competition driver. 2. A competition vehicle.

Racer's Tape

Duct tape.


The metal rings on which ball or roller bearings rotate.

Rack And Pinion

A type of steering assembly that has a gear or pinion at one end of the steering shaft engaging in a horizontal-toothed bar or rack having tie rods at either end that are attached to the steering arms.

Rack Body

A part of the steering system containing the rack shaft.

Rack Guide

The guide on which the rack is positioned.

Rack Shaft

A horizontal-toothed part of the rack and pinion assembly.

Rack-and-pinion Steering

A term used for rack and pinion.

Racy Bopper

An auto-racing groupie.


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