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An abbreviation for drive; one of the forward gear positions in an automatic transmission.


Jaques-Arsene d'Arsonval French physiologist ( 1851 - 1940 ) The inventor of the Deprez - d'Arsonval galvanometer a highly sencative volt meter.


The low forward-drive range of an automatic transmission.


The high, forward-driving range for an automatic transmission.


The pattern used for grinding pistons in a cam shape with a 0.012 inch (0.3mm) difference between the thrust face and the pinhole side


An early fuel-injection system by Bosch.


A control in a drag-racing car's cockpit used to deploy the chute at the end of the run.


Acronym for Digital Audio Amplifier Module (Chrysler).


An acronym for digital to analog converter.

Dago Axle

A dropped-beam axle used on older Fords to dump or lower the front end.

Daily Driver

A vehicle that is driven every day--e.g., to work, for errands, to school. As opposed to a show car or a weekend driver.


1. Acronym for Diversity Antenna Module (GM) 2. The sealing provisions located between the radiator and condenser to ensure adequate ambient and ram air through both components.

Damage Appraiser

A term often used for estimator.

Dampened Pressure Switch

An electrical pressure switch that opens the compressor clutch circuit when the low-side pressure is too low.


A term often used incorrectly for damper.

Dampening Ball Joint

A term used for non-load-bearing ball joint.

Dampening Effect

The effect shocks have on reducing suspension-spring oscillations.


[1] English term for Shock Absorber [2] Friction or hydraulic shock absorbers or the equivalent electronic device [2] a device that reduces or eliminates vibration or oscillations [3] a balancer on the front of the crank shaft to reduce or eliminate harmonic vibrations.


See shock.

Damper Assembly

A device designed to decrease vibrations to the passenger compartment.


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