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An innocent looking vehicle with outstanding performance.


(Porsche) Deviation of Specified Air Mass.


Quad Driver Module.


Quad Driver.


(Porsche) Specified Air Mass.


1. A four-barrel carburetor. 2. Four headlamps, two on either side of the vehicle. 3. A four-wheel drive vehicle.

Quad Carburetor

A four-barrel carburetor.

Quad Driver

[1] A dipole (DIP) device which contains circuit drivers to control outputs [2] an integrated circuit used to turn certain components on and off [3] A quad driver has four separate out puts (switches) and can turn on and off up to four circuits and or components independently such as four fuel injectors.

Quad Ring

A rubber or plastic sealing ring with square sides.

Quad Valve Head

A cylinder head with four valves, two exhaust and two intake, per cylinder.


A high-performance, four-cylinder engine developed by General Motors.


A full-time, four-wheel drive system.


1. A device used to indicate the position of the gear selector of an automatic transmission. 2. One quarter of a circle.


To earn a starting position in a race.

Quantum Theory

The theory that considers light to have mass, as opposed to the wave theory, which considers light to be without mass, and the transfer of energy is in definite discrete amounts.


A term used for a quarter-mile drag strip.

Quarter Elliptic Spring

One half of a semi-elliptic spring having one end attached tot he chassis frame and the other attached to the axle.

Quarter Mile

1. A distance of 1,320 feet (404) meters). 2. The standard distance for a drag strip.

Quarter Mile Drag Strip

The most popular standard distance for a competitive drag-racing strip.

Quarter Panel

A term used for the metal work for either the front or rear corner of a vehicle body.


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