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[1] an abbreviation for Watts [2] Wolfram An element with the atomic number of 74.




With out.


Wide open throttle A/C switch.


A term used for lateral runout waddle.


A station wagon.


To perform at peak efficiency.


The abnormal tracking or steering of a vehicle.

Wankel Engine

An engine concept developed in Germany in the 1950's having a three-sided rotor in a slightly hourglass-shaped oval chamber.

Warm Up

To allow an engine to reach its normal operating temperature.

Warm-Up Cycle

The PCM uses warm-up cycles instead of key cycles to clear DTC's. A warm-up cycle is achieved when the engine coolant rises at least 22o C (40o F) from start-up and achieves a minimum temperature of 71o C (160o F).

Warm-Up Regulator

A device in a fuel injection system to adjust the air/fuel mixture while the engine is warming up.

Warning Blinker

A term used for hazard system.

Warning Flasher

A device found in the turn signal and hazard flasher circuit that causes the warning lamps to flash on and off .

Warning Light

A light on the dash to warn of a problem.


Bending or twisting in a part that was originally straight.


The corrugated surface of an unpaved road.


A round, metal device with a hole in the middle to help secure a nut or a bolt.

Waste Oil Heating Manufacturers Association (WOHMA)

An association of waste oil heater manufacturers that promote recycling used motor oil as a heating fuel.

Waste Spark

A spark occurring during the exhaust stroke on a computerized ignition system.


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